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Our Window Screen Aluminum is 40x Stronger than our Competitors!

WHY? We use extruded aluminum, it's produced from a pattern and comes in one piece. If you dont use Meadow Screens Window Bar you are using a Rolled-Aluminum which bends and breaks whenever any type of force is pushed upon it, including removing the window screen to wash your window, or the screen!

There are usually only two types of windows in a home, the sliding window and the push-out window. Based on these limitations there are only a few ways a window screen will fit into in your home; this allows us to be very precise when preparing your estimate.

When preparing your estimate, our pricing will be based on the quality of our window screens being installed and not only on the size of your windows. Our prices include measuring, expert construction, and professional installation.

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This attention to detail and commitment to professionalism allows us to install the highest of quality window screens in your home and proudly boast that our customers receive nothing but the highest quality window screens.

We will be glad to illustrate the difference in quality between our window screens and the cheaper alternative. If we were to give you a sample of our Power Coated Extruded-Aluminum you could not bend it in your hands like you can with the cheaper alternative Rolled-Aluminum.

Our 40x stronger aluminum allows you to remove window screens from your windows and doors without having to worry about bending or breaking the frame of your screen which makes cleaning your windows and window screens easy and worry free. Our expert construction, materials, and installation dramatically extends to the life of your window screens and increases the value of your home.

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