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Our Window Screen Aluminum is 40x Stronger than our Competitors!

WHY? We use extruded aluminum, it’s produced from a mould and comes in one piece. If you don’t use 604 Screens Window Bar you are using a Rolled-Aluminum window screen frame that is basically very thin pieces of aluminum folded over each other. This does not provide any real strength and you will find if you don’t use a 604 Screens Bug Screen then any other product will bend and break whenever any type of force is pushed upon it. That includes simply removing your insect screen just to wash your window or your screen.

Every window in your home should have a bug screen on it. The fresh air that even the smallest window covered with insect screen mesh can help lower the temperature in your home 5-7 degrees. It is quite simply the most energy efficient way to control temperature in your home. With a 604 Screens bug screen on your windows, including double hung windows, you can create an air flow in your home without having your air conditioning pumping full blast.

As mentioned, without our heavy-duty screen materials even the smallest force can damage your screen installation. With light duty frames there is no screen repair, you simply add your broken screen to your recycling. That is why we chose to only go with heavy duty products. We felt our clients deserved the best aluminum screen available on the market. We don’t want to have our clients worrying about doing window screen repairs when there are so many other things you would rather be doing….basically anything! Plus, we want our clients to never have to call us again, unless they are referring friends and family or they have moved into a new home and need our services again.

Our Aluminum Screens are meant to give your family insect protection with solid airflowfrom your patio door, and years and years of durability. Whether you have a sliding window, single handle window, double handle window or even a wooden window, our custom built screen framing will work with virtually any window you have in your home! Even if it is something we have never seen before, with 20 years in the business we can probably make something that will work for you!

With all of the home renovations that are currently happening, we find that many clients get replacement windows. Generally with most new construction and windows, they are vinyl windows, and in some cases your window screen replacement will require special clips or harnesses in order to hold the screens in place. Just know that we generally have any clip that is required, and if we don’t normally we know where to get it!

When you decide to screen your home and invite 604 Screens to take on your project our services include measuring every opening to ensure a proper fit, expert custom construction (we do not have any “canned” products that are plug and play, every single one of our products is custom built), and to finish everything off, we provide professional screen installation or window screen replacement. From start to finish you get 20 years of experience to ensure that your screen job is done properly.


This attention to detail and commitment to professionalism allows us to install the highest of quality window screens in your home and proudly boast that our customers receive nothing but the highest quality window screens.

We will be glad to illustrate the difference in quality between our window screens and the cheaper alternative. If we were to give you a sample of our Power Coated Extruded-Aluminum you could not bend it in your hands like you can with the cheaper alternative Rolled-Aluminum.

Our 40x stronger aluminum allows you to remove window screens from your windows and doors without having to worry about bending or breaking the frame of your screen which makes cleaning your windows and window screens easy and worry free. Our expert construction, materials, and installation dramatically extends to the life of your window screens and increases the value of your home.

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