Heavy Duty Sliding Patio Screen Doors

Heavy Duty Sliding Patio Screen Doors

Heavy Duty Sliding Patio Screen Doors

604 Screens decided to provide a superior product to the market. Our Heavy Duty Sliding Patio Screen Doors include stainless steel wheels for years of reliable sliding, and in addition to the wheels we use the highest grade Extruded Aluminum frame to ensure that your Patio Screen provides you with years of Bug Free Protection with easy opening and closing. We also include our easy grip handle, which makes it possible for anyone to open and close the door with ease.

Every hardware store sells DIY (Do it yourself) sliding patio screen doors. These are self adjusting, mainly contain plastic wheels and use low-grade aluminum. Although these are fine for a short period, over time the wheels break down and the doors no longer slide, often falling off the tracks. When it comes to long lasting extra strength, at 604 Screens our product is the best available product on the market. Simply put, there is not a heavier duty door available anywhere! 

Our sliding patio screen door is made for those high traffic areas that non Heavy Duty products just can’t stand up against. Our doors come standard with extra strength fiberglass mesh, but with our frame being extra strength, you can also add pet screen, noseum mesh or solar mesh. There is not a better product available on the market, which means you will almost never have to worry about screen door repairs on the wheels and the frame.

Many people have suites or mortgage helpers, which means that many homes have a sliding patio door as it’s main entry door. There is always tons of traffic and more often than not someone always ends up crashing through the screen door, we see it everyday!! With your standard fiberglass mesh door the frame buckles, the wheels snap, and basically your patio sliding screen door is destined for the trash. With light and medium duty doors, there generally is not any screen door repair, it is usually a trip to the recycling depot. 

Enter 604 Screens and our Heavy Duty Sliding Patio screen door. These doors are made to take a beating and generally even if someone does go crashing through the door, you will only need to replace the mesh as it takes quite the collision to bend the frame and the wheels were specially made for the security door product which carries a 40-50 pound frame.

Many times we are asked why we have moved away from putting aluminum mesh into our frames?? Over the past 2 decades we have found that any imperfection or hole poked into aluminum screen creates a very sharp and dangerous point from any imperfections. Generally these holes end up near the handle or lower on the door, which means that hands, children and pets bear the brunt of the damage and quite often cause harm. Our heavy duty fiberglass mesh not only provides a bug free resistance, but if something happens and the mesh is damaged it does not cause a hazard for your family or pets.

So open up the windows and doors in your home to the fresh air outside, and make sure that no mosquitoes or wasps make it inside. There are 3 different qualities of Sliding Patio Screens: Low-Grade, Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty. After selling and maintaining all 3 qualities of door, and continually repairing and replacing the Low-Grade and Medium-Duty doors, we made a decision that our customers deserved the best quality product on the market; That is why we only offer the Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door. If it isn’t Heavy Duty, it’s Crap!


Noseeum Mesh: 20 x 20:

This Phiferglass screen is a tightly woven mesh designed to control small insects. While densely woven, this screen still allows good ventilation and visibility and provides some daytime privacy.

Pet Mesh:

Pet mesh is an extra durable mesh designed to resist damage by pets and keep insects out. Made from strong vinyl coated polyester it can withstand more abuse from your pets. Offers good outward visibility.

Solar Mesh: 20 x 30:

Looks like a screen works as a sun shade. A dual purpose fabric, solar insect screening offers the ultimate in insect protection, while at the same time stopping up to 65% of the sun's heat and glare. Solar insect screening works whether your doors are open or closed. The fabric improves daytime privacy and offers excellent outward visibility, yet the openness of the 20 x 30 mesh is small enough to keep out tiny insects.

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