Security Screens

Security Screens

Security Screens

No bars, No Grills Just Security with a Clear view

  • Woven with high tensile marine grade stainless steel wire
  • Passes and/or exceeds Knife Shear Testing (AS5041)
  • Passes and/or exceeds Salt Spray Testing (ASTM B117)
  • Passes and/or exceeds Dynamic Impact Testing (AS5041)
  • Passes and/or exceeds *Jemmy Testing (AS5041)
  • Security Mesh filters up to 60% of harmful UV rays

*Jemmy Test (AS5041) is a strength test designed to simulate attempted forced entry by burglars and intruders using an implement to prise open doors and windows or break locks and hinges by applying leverage forces against the locking, fastening and hinging points.

Meadow Screens has become an Authorized Dealer of the Wizard Security Screen Doors, the newest and most exciting new product for your home today.

Not only does the new Security Door provide a cool breeze into your home, increasing the fresh air flow, but also provides un-parallel Security for you and your family.


Aluminum Frame:

Manufactured with high quality (grade 6063-T5) corrosion resistant aluminum that exceeds architectural exterior standards. The fixing system used to anchor the security screen mesh to the aluminum frame is the subject of multiple International Patents and has been specially designed and developed to withstand massive impacts and to provide high level of security. Multiple color options available to incorporate into new or existing applications

Handles, Locks, Hardware:

Incorporates a 'Multi-Point-Lock' system especially designed for security. Only security hardware is selected to be used, ensuring strength and durability for you and your family

Our Warranties:

Powder coating color warranty for a period of 10 years from the date of original installation on mesh and frame panels. Hardware Warranty for a period of one year from the date of the original installation on all hardware (hinges, door closers, locks and wheels)


Installed by certified experienced technicians. Installed using tamper proof hinges, multi point lock system, high quality security hardware. Single Entry doors, Front Doors, Double Doors, Sliding Doors, Store Front locations, Commercial Applications. Fabricated to virtually any size.

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