Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable Screen Doors

Every single Retractable Screen Door System that we bring to you is: Custom Measured, Expertly Constructed and Professionally Installed, because of this process we are able to adapt the Retractable Screen Door System to any opening in your Home, Cabin, RV or even your Yacht!

Meadow Screens has chosen the WIZARDbrand of Retractable Screen Door. WIZARD is one of the World Leaders in the Retractable Screen Door Systems World Wide and has also become the clear #1 choice in Greater Vancouver and Southern British Columbia.

Through our relationship with WIZARD we have been able to complete 100% satisfaction with our existing clients; and as the majority of our business comes from our client referrals, you can rest assured you will be satisfied with our work yourself.

Wizard retractable screen doors have been designed to provide a stylish, and modern look to blend effortlessly into your home.

Built from the highest quality materials, the main structure of the Wizard retractable screens is raw, high-grade, extruded aluminum optimized for premium strength. The pull bar is ribbed for extra strength with raised rails designed for smooth operation.

Each Wizard retractable screen door is custom made for your home and professionally installed. All doors come with a 1 year warranty. There is a lifetime warranty on all parts except the screen mesh.

  • French Doors
  • Inswing Doors
  • Outswing Doors
  • Reachable Skylight Screens
  • Window Screens
  • Sliding Patio Screens

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Noseeum Mesh: 20 x 20

This Phiferglass screen is a tightly woven mesh designed to control small insects. While densely woven, this screen still allows good ventilation and visibility and provides some daytime privacy.

Pet Mesh:

Pet mesh is an extra durable mesh designed to resist damage by pets and keep insects out. Made from strong vinyl coated polyester it can withstand more abuse from your pets. Offers good outward visibility.

Solar Mesh: 20 x 30

Looks like an screen works as a sun shade. A dual purpose fabric, solar insect screening offers the ultimate in insect protection, while at the same time stopping up to 65% of the suns heat and glare. Solar insect screening works whether your doors are open or closed. The fabric improves daytime privacy and offers excellent outward visibility, yet the openness of the 20 x 30 mesh is small enough to keep out tiny insects.

Optional Speed Reducer:

Optional gear based mechanical speed reducer is a good option for those who want to slow down and control the speed at which the retractable screen door retracts. This speed reducer is not affected by temperature and can never leak. Most suitable for the elderly or those with small children.

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