Port Coquitlam Screen Doors and Screen Windows

Port Coquitlam Screen Doors and Screen Windows

Port Coquitlam Screen Doors and Screen Windows

Port Coquitlam has seen such amazing growth, and we have been there every step of the way over the past 20 years. Whether it is the Fremont area, or the boom on Coast Meridian, The 604 Screens Bug Vans have been a staple in the Poco community.

When you decide to increase the comfort of your home and include Window Screens, Door Screens including French Doors, Security Screens or our Retractable Awning, 604 Screens will come out and measure everything, custom build every single product and then professionally install everything for your family.

We use the highest grade extruded aluminum for your window screens which results in a frame that is 35-40 times stronger than our competitors. Our products will fit Sliding Window Screens, Single Handle Window Screens, or Double Handle Window Screens. Whether your window frames are aluminum, vinyl or wood we can install the bug screen that works best for your home.

Many home owners are unaware that with proper bug free airflow you can manipulate the temperature in your home by as much as 7 degrees. This is extremely important for many reasons, you are not recycling the air in your home, and your family is being very energy efficient with not running air conditioners full blast all summer.

Heavy Duty Sliding Patio Screen Doors are our specialty. About 7 years ago we decide to drop the light and medium duty sliding screen doors, because they are crap. They are always falling off the track and the frames twist with the slightest pressure. We decided to offer our clients the best Heavy Duty Patio Sliding Screen door on the market.  With the highest grade extruded aluminum and patented double anchor, double spring vinyl whisper wheels you will enjoy our door screen for many years. You can add Pet Mesh, Noseum Mesh or Solar mesh to the frame to enhance the product even further. Like all of our products this door is custom built, so any opening in your home will work for us.

When our Security Screen hit the market, it exploded in sales. People were ecstatic that they were able to not only secure any door or window in their home, but that they would also have bug free airflow at the same time. You can take a sledge hammer to this product and it still won’t allow entry into your home. If you want to keep your front door open, but spend time on your back deck, if you have small children that open the door any time there is a knock or the doorbell rings whether you are there or not, or even if you are worried about home invasions this is the product for you.

In addition to being awkward, traditional door screens present two big challenges to homeowners whether they are looking to screen a custom mahogany front entry door or a French door leading out to the back lanai. First, finding a traditional insect or solar screen that does not negatively impact a door’s appearance is nearly impossible and second, and equally as challenging, is uncovering one durable enough to handle the daily rigors of a high-traffic exterior door. With the Wizard Retractaview™ retractable door screen homeowners can say goodbye to having to compromise by either selecting an unsightly traditional screen or not screening the door at all. Retractaview features a low-profile housing and a contemporary style that blends in with the existing design and is pulled into place only when needed. A custom latch system holds the screen in place when in use yet releases should a pet or person run into the screen. Wizard’s GlideSmooth™ Technology enables effortless one-handed operation along the low-profile upper and lower tracks. When a completely clear view is desired, the screen conveniently retracts and stores out-of-sight in the side housing.

So if you want to enhance the comfort of your home in Port Coquitlam, we have the product and the service for your family.


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