Langley Screen Doors and Screen Windows

Langley Screen Doors and Screen Windows

Langley Screen Doors and Screen Windows

604 Screens has been servicing the Langley area for 2 decades. The Golden Ears bridge was an absolute game changer for us! From Port Kells to Fort Langley to Willowbrook, we have watched Langley grow, and have serviced thousands of houses, condos and apartments. 604 Screens has also provided many farms with commercial insect screens, and our custom options allow us to cover just about any opening.

With proper Bug Free airflow, you are able to change the temperature in your home by about 5 to 7 degrees, without running the air conditioning full blast. This allows you to bring the outdoors, inside your home without those pesky mosquitoes, flies or wasps.

Langley Screen Door and Window Repairs and Installations

Our services include us coming and measuring, custom building and then professionally installing your insect screens, Security Screens or Retractable Awnings.

When it comes to your window screens, we only use the highest grade extruded aluminum which results in a frame that is 35-40 times stronger than our competitors. We can provide Sliding Window Screens, Single Handle Window Screens, or Double Handle Window Screens. We can also provide bug screens for your aluminum or vinyl windows, and in most cases we can custom build insect screens for wood windows as well.

Our Heavy Duty Sliding Patio Doors are perfect for those high traffic areas, where a simple light duty screen will not cut it. Again, we use the highest grade extruded aluminum and include our patented double anchor, double spring vinyl whisper wheels. We can numerous types of mesh to the frame to ensure that our door is the perfect fit for your home. These are all custom built, so we can fit any opening in your home, and provide you with the fresh air your family wants.

The Retractable Screen product is a custom built for your Langley home and provides a bug free option that does not swing and bang on your doors. Once installed the frame of the Retractable Screen blends into you door frame and makes it look like it is meant to be there.

Our Security Screens have become a very popular item to secure doors and windows in your home. The Stainless Steel Marine Grade mesh not only provides the airflow you need, but also protects that opening against people and animals that you do not want in your house. With its 5 point locking system, this Security Screen is more secure than your deadbolted front door.

When Patio weather hits, many people find that they can’t use that space due to the elements that Mother Nature provides. The Rolltec Retractable Awning is a sleek way to create another living space outside of your home. With numerous options we are able to adapt to what your family requires and allows you to spend more time outdoors without worrying about it being too warm.

With 604 Screens, all of our products are solutions that make your Langley Township home a more comfortable place to live. From the largest patio to the smallest window contact us to get a quote and get the process started. You will be glad that you did!


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